Jewelry Care

Polymer clay is strong once cured, but if handled improperly it can crack or break. Do not bend excessively or drop from high heights. Scratches or blemishes can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or cotton swab. Acetone or rubbing alcohol can help remove hard to clean blemishes on matte surfaces, however, do not use with buffed pieces as it will wear down the shine.

Store your jewelry carefully and in a protected pouch or box when traveling. If your jewelry (specifically the hoops) become warped or twisted, simply lay flay under a heavy book or something similar to help shape it back to its original form. Handle your jewelry with care and it will last you a lifetime!

All of our jewelry is fitted with 925 sterling silver findings, hypoallergenic titanium posts, and/or silver-plated copper wire. Solid silver will tarnish over time and can be easily polished back to its original luster with a soft cloth.